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Who need us ?

The Insured

This group of users are the individuals and corporations in the real world who want to buy risk management contract(provide premiums) to hedge their risks

Contract Designer

Provide professional risk management expertise for GRE community and can publish risk management contracts after community review and earn fees based on transaction fees collected from trading this contract.


This group of users are usually insurance and re-insurance companies and insurance-linked securities investors. They earn premiums from the risk management contract and take the risk transferred to them


  • Product Customization On Demand
    Steve is a supplier to Hyperloop One. He is concerned if Hyperloop One would succeed in the first test drive. He tries to insure for Hyperloop One but few insurance companies would take his request. Steve learned about GRE platform. He submitted request and soon the product is made possible so he placed the order.
  • Open Insurance Policy Design
    Victor is an actuary. On GRE Community he saw the request for a mechanical failure insurance of Hyperloop One test drive and did extensive research and made a policy. GRE platform offers a Proof of Work mechanism to reward a percentage of premium to underwriters.
  • Buy Capacity
    Monica is a supporter of Elon Musk. She strongly believe the future of Hyperloop One. In reality, all she can do is to advocate for the company, but with GRE platform, she can be much awarded by buying capacity for mechanical failure insurance. Once Hyperloop One test drive succeeded, she would get paid premium as profits.
  • Hedge from Risks in Reality
    John is heavily invested in Tesla stocks. He believes Hyperloop One test drive’s success would boost Tesla stock but he’s also looking for an insurance policy to hedge. He saw mechanical failure insurance on GRE platform, so he also bought coverage.
  • Secondary Market
    After a month, Hyperloop One announces to put off test drive indefinitely. This news affected everyone’s risk estimates. John decides to pursue another investment opportunity and liquid all his Tesla shares, and meanwhile sell his insurance policy at a discounted rate on GRE. Steve on the other hand hopes to increase coverage so he took over John’s policy.


Decentralized Zero Threshold

Smart Contract Replace Traditional Institutions

Primary and Secondary Financial Markets Enable Risk Pricing

Distributed Database Protect User Privacy


  • All risk management contract transactions on the GRE platform use RISK token as transaction intermediary, and the settlement of the contracts will use RISK as well.
  • Users in GRE platform will pay transaction fees using RISK token.
  • Any organization or individual can create a risk management contract on GRE platform after comunity review and obtain a transation volume based rewards.
  • The community will reward developers with RISK token based on their code contribution.
  • All individuals and organizations are able to share contracts on GRE platform and attract new customers to trade risk mangement contracts and they will receive a reward from transaction fee collected from the new customers they invite.
  • Exchange dealers on GRE platform can RISK as collateral to issue market pegged tokens, such as GRE.USD or GRE.CNY. This mechanism is similar to the BTS and BITUSD in the Bitshares ecosyetem.

Road Map

2018 Q1 2018 Q2 2018 Q3 2018 Q4 2019 Q1


Alberto Pedro Gabriel

Founder & CEO of Segurarse.com, an Insurtech company in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Chairman of Cruz Suiza, a leading life Insurance Company in Argentina.

Frank Desvignes

Founder & CEO of AXA Asia Innovation Lab.

Kazy Hata

Founder & CEO of justinCase, an insurtech startup in Japan. Actuary in Milliman and Munich Re.

Li Jun

CEO of Yibite, early researcher and investor of Bitcoin

Chia Hock Lai

Chairman of Singapore FinTech Association, Fellow of the Singapore University of Social Science, advisor to Startups and mentor to student FinTech projects.

Our Investors

Shen Bo

Founder of Fenbushi Capital Co-founder of BitShares

James Gong

Founder of ICOAGE(Used to be the largest ICO platform in China) and Blockchain Pencil and published several books on crypto currency.

LD Capital

LD Capital is a leading investment institution focusing on the field of blockchain. Founder: Lihua Yi.

JRR Crypto

Headquartered in Switzerland, JRR Crypto is the world's leading blockchain ecosystem industry investment group. Including Binance, JRR Crypto has completed more than 40 early investments of blockchain projects.

Huobi Eco

Huobi Group is a leading global digital asset financial service provider, which is committed to offering secure, professional, credible, and quality services.

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